AI Powered Legal Contract Analysis.

We help you identify legal risks and problem areas in contracts in a matter of minutes.

Easy as 1-2-3

Make contract review painless. saves helps lawyers remove the hassle and tedium from contract review, making your legal department more productive, and able to focus on larger issues.

Upload your contract, Download the analysis

It's as simple as just uploading the contract, and getting a detailed analysis of problem areas and issues.

Rich Information

Derisk your contracts.

Indemnities, warranties, liabilities. Your contracts have terms you need to be aware of, whether you're negotiating agreements or whether you've already signed them. spots problems that might otherwise be missed. And best of all, the more you work with, the better it gets.

How it works uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to find legal and business risks in your legal agreements, and gives you actionable feedback on how to make your agreements work better for you.

Your Time is Valuable.

Let free up your day.

Inside the machine

Contract Review is now easy.

Wherever you want. is accessible from anywhere, whether you're at work or working on the go.

Easy to customize Tweaking and introducing your own parameters is simple.

Fast. Machine learning helps us deliver a comprehensive analysis of your documents in minutes.

Built for teams. Legal work is collaborative -- we make it easy for teams to work together.

Better Insights. Get insights, visualizations and metrics from your own repository of contracts.

Easy Integration. is easy to integrate into your current workflow.